Prashant Samlal (1996) is a Dutch jazz guitarist, composer, and recording artist based in Amsterdam. With a strong musical personality and artistic vision he continually explores what it means to him to be a Jazz musician today. By writing his own music and working with many different artists, Prashant has always been on a path of developing his own distinct personal voice on the guitar in terms of virtuosity and sound.   

In 2018 Prashant graduated with honors from the HKU Conservatory in Utrecht, and won the national jazz prize ‘Conservatory Talent Award’. Since then he has been active as both a bandleader and sideman among the new generation Modern Creative / Contemporary Jazz-scene in the Netherlands. Establishing long-time collaborations and friendships with various artists such as; Thirza Athalja, Linde Tillmanns, Roosmarijn, Jens Meijer’s Ezthetic, Benjamin Herman, Alexander, Géonne Hartman, William Smith Quartet, Murat Ali Cengiz and many more.

Through the years he performed on various renowned stages (national and international) such as Tivoli Vredenburg, So Whats Next Festival, Malta Jazz Festival, Oranjewoud Festival, Jazz in Duketown, Paradox Tilburg, Festival Norden. The Prashant Samlal Quartet also got a feature in 2018 on the national tv show ‘VPRO Vrije Geluiden’.

As a bandleader Prashant now has released 2 full-length albums and 1 EP. These records feature music by the Prashant Samlal Quartet, his Solo Guitar project and other formations.

His latest project is called ‘Atma’, a quintet featuring Paul van de Calseijde on alto sax, Daniel Clason on trumpet, Jonathan Ho on double bass and Domen Cizej on drums and himself on guitar. In february 2024 Prashant released the first Atma EP on Minimal Damage Records.

About Atma (EP)  Atma is a short story about introspection and self inquiry. The EP or mini-album contains a collection of personal compositions written by guitarist and composer Prashant Samlal, performed by himself and his quintet ‘Atma’. The music is inspired by dealing with different facets of one’s mind, reflecting on fear, love, creativity and the temporal state of emotions. And how expressing oneself through music and art can be seen as a way of navigating the mind. 


Discography as a bandleader;                                                

Atma (2024). Prashant’s latest EP featuring the Atma quintet and solo works. 






Visitors (2022). Prashant’s second Full-length Album featuring the Prashant Samlal Quartet, Solo guitar and guest artists; Fenne Scholte (vocals) and Daniël Clason (trumpet). This album was released on ZenneZ Records. 





Intertwined EP (2020). A solo guitar EP created during he first corona-pandemic.






Here and Now (2019). Full-length debut album featuring the Prashant Samlal Quartet.